3 – 4 September 2018, Shanghai

Collaborative robot technology

Collaborative robot technology is no longer a concept – it is a reality and an important trend which is impacting many different industries today in China.  Universal Robots, based in Denmark, is the global leader in collaborative robot technology.  Its portfolio of 6-axis UR3, UR5, UR10 robots can cover almost any light-weight application and are a perfect solution to full-fill “flexible” manufacturing requirements in industries across China.  The Universal Robots product line is easy to install, program and to deploy between different jobs.  In most cases, it also safe to operate alongside humans without a safety fence.  Many large companies in China have already realized system costs saving through the integration of collaborative robots to their operation.  Universal Robots also offers its customers a unique platform called Universal Robots + where they can find hardware, software and accessories that are fully compatible with its robots and certified by Universal Robots directly.  Learning to program a collaborative robot is as easy as using the Universal Robots Academy and on-line platform which offers an innovative curriculum designed to bring the beginner to advanced level a short period of time all at no cost.  The future for robots is collaborative and Universal Robots plans to continue leading the way.