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4 September 2018, Shanghai

18.07.2016 Smart Industry Solution Shanghai 2016 concluded its inaugural edition with positive results

Influential speakers and informed delegates praised thought-provoking exchange through conferences

The inaugural edition of Smart Industry Solution Shanghai ended on a high note, accomplishing its goal of providing insight to China’s smart automation industry. Held from 28 – 29 June 2016, the two-day event gathered some of the world’s leading experts in industrial automation technology, and provided an overview of the key technological developments in smart manufacturing, cyber world technologies and related resources.

Jointly organised by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd, Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH and the Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Corp, the conference welcomed 212 delegates. These delegates, which included strategic managers, decision-makers and engineers representing all fields in general automation, came from six countries. Furthermore, 17 speakers presided over discussions that touched upon two main themes: “Cyber World Technologies” and “Intelligent Manufacturing and Resource Management”. Speakers representing renowned companies, institutes and associations in participation included ABB, B&R, CISCO, CSAA, ELCO, EPLAN, IBM, Maxnerva, OPC Foundation, Phoenix Contact, PIChina, PLCopen, Rockwell, Sercos, SiboTech, Staufen and the University of Cincinnati.

Influential speakers and informed delegates praised thought-provoking exchange through conferences

Smart Industry Solution Shanghai offers a unique and specialised platform for industry experts and academia to present their expertise on Industry 4.0. For the speakers, the conference acted as an effective platform for knowledge exchange and helped manufacturers prepare for high-tech production in the future.

Mr Jin Wang, Senior Consulting Architect from Cisco China, was a keynote speaker on the first day. He shared his positive experience at the event and said: “The event gathered experts from various smart industry solution sectors under one roof. Through interactive discussions, speakers chimed in with their educated opinions, providing well-rounded discussions on the industry’s hot-button topics for attendees. Event participants were also very professional and showed genuine interest for the content. Overall, I am very pleased with this event. It is not only a promotional platform for companies but is also a networking and information exchange platform for the industry.”

Fellow speaker, Dr Jay Lee, Director of NSF I/UCR Center on Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS) & Intelligent Cyber Machine Systems from the University of Cincinnati, also presented on the first day of the fair. His topic was “Industrial Big Data Analytics for Industrial Innovation and Transformation”. He shared his perspectives on the values of industrial big data. He commented: “The conference was well-received, based on the number of attendees present in the hall. High-level questions were asked after every presentation, indicating the attendance of informed professionals and the importance of this event. The quality of the speakers and the range of topics covered were also very diverse. Considering its influence and popularity, the show is a desirable platform for idea exchange among smart industry solutions experts in China and throughout Asia.”

Mr Zhao Chunfeng, Automation Marketing Manager of Phoenix Contact (China) Holding Co Ltd, shared the same sentiments. He exclaimed: “One of the most valuable aspects of the event was the attendance of overseas specialists that shared their country-specific expertise and perspectives that domestic speakers are not able to elaborate on. Smart industry solutions proved to be a hot-button topic because of the numerous attendees. Through my interaction with these attendees, I discovered their feedback was positive and the event was an undoubtedly a huge success.”

Mr James Liu, show speaker and Director of Standardistion and Electronic Manufacturing, Smart Factory Institute from the China Science and Technology Automation Alliance, commented: “I believe conferences like this can help drive the industry forward. This conference benefits our association immensely in terms of expanding our network, facilitating technical exchange and helping us to obtain new ideas and inspirations. The quality of the conference is high and the fact that it is moderated by seasoned professors from reputable overseas institutes sets this conference apart from other similar conferences in China.”

Besides the speakers, conference attendees at Smart Industry Solution Shanghai found it very rewarding to network with industry players. Attending the conference was Mr Luca Santini, Director Sales Asia at SCHMID Group, a total industrial automation solutions provider. Attracted to the relevance of the topics to his business, he plans to return as a speaker in the next fair edition. He said: “I stayed for the entire conference because the topics covered were extremely interesting. The presentations updated me on industrial automation trends in China that will help for us plan our participation next year. The information I obtained will also be useful for our company to develop new business strategies for this region.”

Mr Zhou Jun, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company Ltd, stated: “I attended this conference to gain insight and knowledge on how to prepare for the establishment of our company’s new smart manufacturing unit. We are very interested in topics related to the upgrading of smart factories as it provides us with valuable insights and practical information on IoT and industrial communication in the current Industry 4.0 era. The conference speakers offered valuable insights on how we should setup and design our smart factory.”

The next edition of Smart Industry Solution Shanghai will take place from 27 – 29 June 2017 at the Shanghai World Expo Center. For more information, please visit, or email s ps @china .messefrankfurt .com.

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