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2018年9月3至4日, 上海



探讨如何使用OPC UA的统一架构实现工业互联



物联网、标准化与OPC有何联系?目前,OPC基金会共有自动化和IT行业加盟商超过480家,且OPC在中国已经支持众多行业标准及指南的发布。而OPCUA不只是一个协议,它涵盖数据建模、通讯、合作、新的应用案例等各个层面。通过对OPC UA规范中的安全功能进行大量分析证实,OPC UA的设计重点是安全并且没有系统的安全漏洞。可以说,在OPC统一架构下,OPC UA与工业4.0、M2M及物联网相辅相成,缔造万物互联。” 

What is the relationship among IOT, Standardization and OPC? At present, OPC Foundation has a total of more than 480 members covering IT industry and automation industry, and based on the support of OPC UA, a number of industry standards and guidelines have released in China. The OPC UA isn't just a protocol, it covers data modeling, communication, cooperation, new applications in different levels. 

After a large number of analyzes on the safety of OPC UA, we can confirm that the OPC UA is quite safe and without system security vulnerabilities. Under the unified architecture of OPC UA , OPC UA and industrial 4.0, M2M and the Internet of things complement each other to create a real interconnection. "


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