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A unique platform of solutions for the future of manufacturing.


Inspired by SPS IPC Drives in Nuremburg, Germany, and its first sister event in China, SIAF – SPS Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou, Smart Industry Solutions China highlights the revolutionary method of manufacturing that utilises Internet of Things (IoT) to connect real and virtual worlds of production. Cutting-edge intelligent industrial automation systems, technologies and solutions will be on offer.

This makes Smart Industry Solutions China an ideal trading and knowledge sharing platform for your company to showcase innovative smart solutions and help manufacturers today prepare for high-tech productions in the future.

Fair facts (2018)

Exhibition date 4 September
Exhibition venue Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai, China
Seminar topic 5
Number of visitors 85

Conference theme

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Web services
  • Big data analytics
  • Big data management
  • Cloud computing
  • Real-time servers
  • Cyber securities
  • Cyber-physical Systems (CPS)
  • ERP and MES Providers
  • Wireless communications
  • Industrial communications
  • Industrial networking
  • Integrated manufacturing
  • Industrial value chain
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Intelligent robotics
  • Smart management
  • Handheld equipment
  • In-house logistics
  • Smart energy
  • Smart grids
  • Resource management
  • Settlement systems
  • Network providers
  • New technologies
  • Education and training
  • Integrated engineering
  • Process simulations
  • Intelligent IT services

Visitor profile

  • Paper and printing
  • Environment- and waste-management
  • Plastic, rubber and asbestos processing
  • Chemical industry
  • Energy producing industry
  • Plant engineering
  • Automobile engineering
  • Computers & networks
  • Electric measurement & controls
  • Factory automation
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electric drives & controls
  • Electrical engineering
  • Importers & exporters
  • Procurement offices, government agencies
  • Research institutes
  • University and technical college
  • Technicians and engineers

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